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Created by professional second language educators from Mexico and the United States with over 100 years of combined experience, My Spanish Software carefully meets and exceeds the common core standards. My Spanish Software is proud to bring the Spanish speaking world to the students in every one of our units, balancing the four linguistic skills every step of the way.

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Students will embark on a reading adventure, navigating through grade appropriate, high-interest, culturally relevant texts organized by genres.

Teachers can assign fictional stories, informational texts, biographies, fables, legends, dramatic plays and even poetry to align to their weekly lessons!

“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” –Dr. Seuss


Students will edit and revise authentic, culturally relevant, writing passages written on-grade level.

Writing modules are organized by genres, to expose students to develop different analytical skills for narrative or expository texts. Each question includes a simple explanation of the concept being evaluated, to help students scaffold their own understanding.

“Learn as much by writing as by reading.”–Lord Acton


Students will be immersed in a problem-solving rigorous curriculum that challenges them to apply mathematical concepts required by the new Math TEKS.

All modules are organized by strands, to ensure teachers have the flexibility to assign activities directly aligned to their weekly instruction.

“Math teaches us that there is every reason to believe that for every problem there is more than one solution.” –Author Unknown


Students will explore scientific concepts already organized by strands, to facilitate the assignment of a specific question correlated to the TEKS being studied in the classroom.

All science questions are followed by a brief explanation of the scientific concept selected, so students can have a clear understanding of such concepts throughout the learning process.

“Science is but an image of the truth.” –Fracis Bacon


Los estudiantes se embarcarán en un mar de lecturas, donde navegarán por una serie de interesantes textos relevantes a cada grado, divididos por género literario.

Los profesores pueden asignar biografías, cuentos de ficción, fábulas, leyendas, obras de teatro, poesía y textos informativos en cada una de sus lecciones semanales.

“El que lee mucho y anda mucho, ve mucho y sabe mucho.” -Miguel de Cervantes


Los estudiantes editarán y revisarán pasajes auténticos y culturalmente relevantes a cada grado escolar.

Nuestros módulos de escritura están organizados por géneros, para ayudar a los estudiantes a desarrollar diferentes habilidades analíticas tnato en textos narrativos como expositivos. Cada pregunta incluye una pequeña explicación del concepto que se está evaluando para ayudar a la comprensión de los mismos.

“La pluma es la lengua del alma.” – Miguel de Cervantes


Los estudiantes estarán inmersos en un riguroso currículo de resolución de problemas que presenta desafíos constantes, en donde los estudiantes necesitarán emplear los conceptos matemáticos requeridos por los nuevos TEKS.

Todos los módulos están organizados por áreas de aprendizaje, lo cual da a los profesores la flexibilidad de asignar actividades directamente alineadas a sus objetivos semanales.

“La mente es igual que un paracaídas, sólo funciona si se abre.” –Albert Einstein


Los estudiantes explorarán conceptos científicos organizaos por áreas de estudio para facilitar la práctica de preguntas relacionadas a los TEKS que se estudian en el aula de clase.

Todas las preguntas están acompañadas de una breve explicación de los elementos científicos seleccionados, de esta forma los estudiantes podrán tener una mejor comprensión de los mismos durante su proceso de aprendizaje.

“La curiosidad es la mecha de la vela del aprendizaje.” –William Arthur Ward

Spanish and English content

Students develop full biliteracy by working on both languages across content areas!

Teachers have the highest quality resources for all subject areas, in both English and Spanish! They can start ELL students in their native language and move them gradually to English without loosing content quality or confusing them in the process.

Differentiated instruction

Every student is different. With Smash, educators can tailor the learning paths to the level and learning style of every student.

By providing native language instruction at the right level, we ensure ELLs achieve biliteracy across content areas.

Accurate reports

Our reports assess how teachers are doing in their classes, as well as how their students are progressing on conceptual understanding, in both English and Spanish.

With our accurate reports teachers are able to adjust their instruction based on students’ performance at the moment that it matters most.

Cloud-based program

Students and teachers can work at home on their computers, on their mobile devices on the way to school, or on their iPads in their classroom.

From mobile Android devices, Chrome books, iPads and Personal Computers, Smash is compatible with most devices.

Complete alignment to TEKS

SMASH is 100% aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, focusing on Readiness and Supporting standards, to ensure students are fully prepared for the STAAR assessments in both English and Spanish!

Student-centered, teacher-directed

Teachers have full control of the content assigned to their students, ensuring activities are aligned to classroom instruction in preparation for the STAAR.

Formative assessment

Smash provides teachers the opportunity to formatively assess their students on each readiness and supporting standard in preparation for the STAAR.


    Teachers spend most of their time grading homework, looking for authentic materials for their students and preparing their classes. Teachers are more valuable when they are interacting with the students and assessing directly how the students are doing.


Books provide great content; unfortunately, students only practice reading and writing skills when they are working with them. Students are lacking essential oral comprehension and oral expression practice. As a result, students do not develop the skill to engage in conversations.


Each student has different learning styles, teaching should be adapted to each one of them and to the level of students.


According to research, knowledge is stored in two forms: linguistic and visual. The more students apply both forms in a classroom, the more opportunities they will have to succeed. Recently, use of nonlinguistic representations has proven not only to stimulate but also to increase brain activity. Students engage more while using interactive learning, whether they are using a smart board, a projector, iPads, personal computers or the computer lab. As a consequence, they will learn faster.


The majority of students, who studied Spanish in elementary school or high school, are unhappy and disappointed with their lack of ability to engage in conversations with Native Spanish Speakers.


Educators deliver their lessons at the pace that best suits the students. They set deadlines and have immediate feedback on students’ performance.


Each student is different and with My Spanish Software educators tailor learning paths to the level and learning style of every student.


My Spanish Software comes with more than 920 new and authentic videos that demonstrate how native speakers use the vocabulary and grammar in real situations. With our interactive activities and role plays, educators are sure to keep students engaged and constantly interacting in Spanish.


Our cutting-edge technology allows educators to deliver well balanced lessons, resulting in well balanced students in the four linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


With our accurate reports, teachers are able to adjust their instruction based on students’ performance at the moment that it matters most.


Educators and students can work from an iPad, a Mac or a Windows computer anytime anywhere. The transition is completely seamless and effortless between them.


My Spanish Software offers immediate feedback for both, students and educators, during every step of the lesson.


My Spanish Software provides teachers with the opportunity to formatively assess their students on each linguistic skill at every level.

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Proven results

Prof. Espi Bullock

Bellevue Christian High School

  • My Spanish Software has been incredible for my students; it lets me help them individually. I like using the videos at the beginning of the lesson, as an introduction or at the end, as a review/information.
  • I love that it allows me teach culture.
  • There are also very practical vocabulary and grammar modules. Actually, My Spanish Software arrived at an appropriate time as we used it as a supplement to our curriculum.
  • We loved it so much that we will use in the future as the main curriculum.
  • I've been recommending it to other friends of mine who teach Spanish. Thanks for all you have done to help and for making it available to our students.

Prof. Bea Romo

Incarnate Word Academy

  • I love the fact that My Spanish Software is basically a system that is customized to you and your students and not the opposite. It is the only one that I found with this characteristic.
  • The way My Spanish Software follows your instruction in the classroom is incredible! Even if it is hard to believe, I have always found immediate and direct support to any of my needs with a simple call, Skype or e-mail. I never felt left alone in the classroom with technology that goes beyond my means.
  • For my students, it is easier and more fun to learn vocabulary as they get to practice everything they need to know with a variety of activities that are not repetitive or tedious. I love the cultural insights!
  • Recently, one of my students told me that when she has My Spanish Software homework she runs to the computer when she gets home because it is fun and it differs from the rest of her homework.

Esther Torres

Regina Assumpta

  • My Spanish Software is an internet program that allows for individual learning. What I like about the program is that it is adaptable to the needs of each teacher of every level. If you need something specific, you can send them content and they upload it to the system for you to use, allowing each teacher to have control of their program.
  • Another great benefit of this program is that you can do tests and results are obtained immediately. It is ideal to combine practice and online testing as it allows for continuous assessments and it greatly facilitates the job of having to correct less.
  • For these reasons I think My Spanish Software is a good way to teach and learn Spanish, and it is very useful for both students and teachers.

Prof. Lilia Pineda

YES Prep Public Schools

  • My Spanish Software have provided work in the sense that we have a system that helps our teachers to practice AP Spanish Language and it also prepares students for the AP exam.
  • They also have been able to design special modules for the curriculum in our district, which has been very helpful and saved us a lot of preparation time.
  • We are very happy with My Spanish Software.

Prof. Dixon

Lucas Christian Academy

  • My Spanish Software (MSS) has been a great fit to my teaching needs. Our school uses a university model approach, which means that our students meet only three times a week and work from their homes the other two. For years we have been using the Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS) method to teach Spanish and we have had great success. However, our challenge has always been to provide our students the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills during the days that we do not meet.
  • One of our major requirements for MSS was to make sure the students were practicing the vocabulary taught in class during their days at home. That meant that the modules had to be rewritten to match our curriculum's vocabulary.
  • I have seen positive results in some areas during my two years of using MSS. The listening exercises have provided great exposure to a variety of accents and speeds of speech. Also, having the ability to reassign modules that contain our vocabulary has increased our student's language retention through pertinent practice. I'm looking forward to the new improvements in the speaking sections so my students can also take advantage of that feature as well.
  • My students even enjoy the homework I assign to them through My Spanish Software homework

Yaité Arthmann

Fairview Middle School

  • I teach Spanish 1, 2 and 3 in an IB prep (International Bachelorette program). My students have used the program for two consecutive years and I could not be happier.
  • Any time a student needs to be added or removed, it is easily done. And if technical assistance is requested it is like having a personal assistance an email or a phone call away.
  • The software is updated often to incorporate better practices. I want to thank My Spanish Software for their ongoing support and for helping me make the experience of learning a second language a manageable and engaging process for my students.

Rocio Garcia Guerras

Spanish teacher and Foreign Languages Department Chair

  • My Spanish Software is a great program to make your students interact and use the technology.
  • I like that the program simplifies the grammar structures and that it doesn't present too much information that could become overwhelming for students. It has audios and recording exercises for students to work on their oral skills, that a regular book won't have.
  • It is fun for students and simplifies the work for the teachers. I recommend this program.

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